Regain Your Personal Power

Feel motivated and passionate again about life!

Find Your Purpose

Rebuild Your Confidence

Rediscover Self Love

If you are a Professional Woman who’s not happy with your current career or life. You are at the right place.

You might feel:

  • Stressed, anxious, overwhelmed, lack of energy, or inexplicable pains and aches for no medical reason; 
  • Unfulfilled, lack of motivation or passion; 
  • You are stuck in life but you don’t know how to fix it, or don’t know if you are capable of changing it; 
  • Something is missing in life but you don’t know what;
  • Every time you think about making a change, you heard yourself saying “That’s not for me. I’m not good enough for that!”
  • Acting like everything is fine but deep down you know that it is not;
  • Your only option is some miracle to happen so your life would change…

It could be one or many of these things — maybe you are just asking, “Is this all that life is meant to be —surely there must be something more than this?"

I can help you...

Regain Personal Power Program

Your Benefit:

With the Regain Personal Power program, you will: 

  • Know who you are, your purpose and have a clear vision on your future.
  • Have a tangible plan on how to align your purpose, passion, strengths and values.
  • Have clear goals set and know where you want to go in the next 12 months, and how to get there. 
  • Increased self love, confidence and courage to pursue what you really want. 
  • Let go of bad habits and have started better practices.

At the end of the coaching program, you will regain your personal power, reignite your life, find your purpose and direction, rebuild your courage and confidence, and rediscover self love and self esteem.  You will feel motivated and passionate again about life, and wake up every morning to a carefree and energized day!  

Your Next Steps:

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  2. If you can’t find a timeslot that suits you on the calendar, Contact Me to propose a few other time slots. 
  3. Sit back and wait for the time for our Zoom call

Let me help you to transform your life!

What Clients Say

I’m definitely a different person now!

I always had this question – What is the meaning of life? It has created a lot of problems, health problems, wellbeing problems.  I was lost, I was stuck, I was demotivated.   She helped me to find it. I don’t feel stuck anymore. I can actually move forward.  I’m now motivated, and I feel like, oh, I want to do something!  Her processes are very gentle, yet very powerful.  Something magical happened.  I gained so much!  She really changed me. I’m definitely a different person now!


I know myself better and I have the confidence to face myself!

I got stuck. I felt very tired.  It’s a rewarding experience. You gave me the courage to think what I didn’t even dare to think about.  I know myself better and I have the confidence to face myself. I don’t have to wear a mask. You helped me to dig up what I had on my mind for so long. It’s good blessing that I’m able to join these sessions.


My whole life changed!

I knew I needed help. My health, physical and mental were very low.. my energy was really low.. I knew I wasn’t on my path. It’s changed a lot now. I said no to this life. I decided to change myself and become the one that I was supposed to be. Thanks to you I was able to take back my confidence. I’m happy and energized in my life.  My whole life changed.


I’m now finally able to put myself back together!

I was going through a really tough period. I felt I was so lost, and I didn’t know where I was heading, I didn’t know what’s the purpose of what I was doing. My world became so dark.  Having my confidence back is something I achieved from these sessions. I start to feel a bit more confident in life and I have the courage that I can get through it. I’m now finally able to pick up these pieces and put myself back together.  You help me to remember what I’m good at doing, what I’m capable of doing, and helped me to work out a plan. 


Don’t wait any longer. Imagine what it will be like if you are still where you are today, 12 months from now?  You don’t need to do it alone. You can get support. Let me help you to regain your personal power, and love your life again!

Hi, I am Yu Yu

I am a Healer, Animal Communicator, and Personal Power Coach. I am a mum of 3 cats. 

With a traumatic childhood, I had battled all along my life with low self esteem and self love. I had a “fantastic” Corporate job that I hated. I struggled for years to finally be able to do what I’m passionate about and believe that I’m good enough.  I understand your struggles and challenges.

My journey has been long, deep and transformational, and I am a perfect partner to help you regain your personal power and create the life you desire. 

If you know you are stuck in your current life and struggling to get out, then I can support you on your journey.


Yu Yu