Home Gym

Nearly 2 months ago, when all my gyms were closed due to the government restrictions, I fell into a mini depression, possibly caused by lack of endorphin in my body. I sought help from my NLP teacher. She pulled me out in just 1 session.  Changing your unconscious mind is THAT powerful!

Prior to the pandemic crisis, I routinely go to the gym every day. Home for me was a place of cosy, comfort and laziness.  It was hard to motivate myself to be active at home.  I used the anchoring technique of NLP and anchored a spot in my living room as the spot for my “Home Gym”. It worked wonders. Since then, 1.5 hours per day in my “Home Gym” became my new routine.

Now, my real gyms are finally reopening. I’m almost too accustomed to my Home Gym to leave it. What I love about it is the time that it saved me from physically going back and forth the real gyms, and that I don’t need to put on makeup or do my hair after the shower!

Time to use some NLP tools on myself again to motivate myself to go back to the real gym.  However, after this pandemic, life will never go back to the old way any more. We changed our way of life, as well as our view on many things in life.  Don’t you agree?