Imposter Syndrome

When Tom (pseudonym) came to me, he described that he had a self confidence problem.  He’s an established wellness practitioner, but he still often thought he was not good enough. Whenever he planned to do something more, for example, giving a talk at a Corporate environment, organizing a workshop, etc, he’d hear this voice telling him that would not be able to do it, that he needed more learning before he could be “qualified” to do that.  He often felt like a “fraud”. At a logical level, he knew that he had sufficient qualifications and experience to do those things, but somehow he’s reluctant to make the move.

In psychology there’s a name for this. “Imposter Syndrome”.

We initially planned to do 4 sessions in a month.  After 3 sessions, we already saw miracle happened!  He not only gave the speech at a Corporate event, organized a weekend workshop, but also got a part-time job offer in a place he had always dreamed about but never thought he was “good enough” for!

He felt so confident. That old “imposter” thing was totally gone. He then went ahead to cancel a course he had signed up for.  He had years of studies and working experience. He actually already knew the stuff in that course. He realized that he only signed up for it to make him feel like he was “improving himself”.  He didn’t need it at all!