Client Testimonials

Jill O. – Sydney

I had the pleasure of working with Yu Yu last year and what an experience we had! We were working on a pattern I had identified of attracting the “wrong” type of man, and at that very moment, a window washer dropped out of nowhere to the window next to me. It was so incredibly synchronistic and is a memory that will stick with me forever. With Yu Yu’s excellent coaching skills, I am confident that this pattern is gone forever! In fact, I have noticed that I am already not attracting that type of man anymore. She listens intently and holds space so beautifully. Her intuition and innate skills paired with her learned abilities make her an excellent coach. I am eternally grateful to know her.

Lucy L. – Hong Kong

Working with Yu Yu has been a pleasant experience. I have been using her service at full arrange from NLP, reading, channeling to animal communication, you name it. I have experienced many other services and found Yu Yu works best for me. She has very strong intuition and receives clear messages. During the session, she maintains calm, stable, compassionate and non-judgmental. These qualities allow her to be the strong supporter and guide when situation gets challenging. I feel that warm and firm power that I could safely fall back on when I am venerable, but not overwhelming or dominate that takes over my own strength. I leverage her support and guidance to quickly find my inner strength to continue the path. Yu Yu has deep insights. Quite often, she challenges me in a supportive way that wakes me up. When I struggle in issues, she can always see the root cause and guide me to the right direction. During sessions, Yu Yu accompanied me into the uncomfortable feeling of trying to avoid the task. Then explore with me where I want to be and how to get there. This is not a logic line of setting a goal and making plans to accomplish it. It is more of a communicating and getting aligned with my subconscious level. There have been a few times that I got stuck, or felt uncomfortable to proceed. Yu Yu has been very patient and calm. She didn’t push me to fit her agenda but allowed me to follow my own pace. If I wanted to back off, she helped me understand the consequence, let me make my own decision and supported that decision. It turns out, this is the best way working for me. I am my own person, I don’t do what am asked to, I only follow my own agenda. By fully been accepted, understood and supported, I started to make change on my own. The change didn’t come immediately. 1.5 month after the final session, one day, I felt a strong urge that I wanted to do the reimbursement. I took out paperwork of one trip, took 10 minutes to finish the process. I was amazed how easy it is. Next three days, I finished all trip expense that have been sitting there for 18 months. From then on, I had no problem getting trips reimbursed. Till today, I still can’t articulate what happened during those sessions that changed me. I just had a pleasant, insightful experience, and, feel the urge to deal with that problem afterwards.

Etsuko – Japan

I have received both NLP and energy healing sessions by Yu Yu. All my sessions with her have been extremely effective and helped me through very difficult times. She is patient, compassionate, precise and knows exactly what I need each time she works with me. I intend to continue my journey under her guidance.

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