Unconscious Mind

Let’s talk about our unconscious mind.  While conscious mind is the thinking, perceiving, judging part of our mind we use in our actions, our unconscious mind runs our body. It contains mental processes that store our memories, emotions, beliefs, values. It is the primary influence of our behaviour.

Scientists believe that only 5-10% of our behaviour is determined by our conscious mind, while 90-95% of our feelings, judgement, reaction, decision, behaviour are influenced by our unconscious mind.

Why we do what we do? Why are we motivated to do certain things, but not others?

If we want to change our unwanted habits and behaviour, the most effective way is to change at an unconscious level.

Same rule, if we want to convince and influence others, what can be more powerful than understanding how others unconscious patterns work?

In personal life, such understanding facilitates communication with others and improves relationships between family members, friends and colleagues.

 In the professional world, such understanding greatly improves the efficiency of communication with clients, employees and team.

In the coming days I will be talking about some tips you can start to practice to discover the unconscious pattern in others.